Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello everyone. Hope everybody is doing good. Well, today it was a fairly easy day. I spent most of the day at the physical medicine clinic. There I had my chiropractor appointment. I was 5 minutes late.
The appointment was a regular chiropractor visit. I get seen by Dr. Harris for a neck injury, balance problems, and low back discs problems. The appointment started with electrode therapy and hot packs therapy for 15 minutes on my neck and back. Electrode therapy is a therapy that a machines put a small amount of electric current stimulation on the muscles. It was followed by a very light massage on the affected muscles to get the back a neck ready for chiropractic treatment. Followed by these therapies the chiropractor proceeded to do his treatment. He first checked my balance by having me stand up with feet together and my eyes closed. I almost fell. I was very surprised when I opened my eyes. The chiropractor uses a tool (like a stapler) (no staples thought) to put the discs back into place. He also does the same treatment on my neck. For some reason when he gets done with the neck my balance gets better.
I have to say that all the personnel at physical medicine are so great and caring. From Dr. Petri, Dr. Harris, the medical assistants, Jennifer, Amy, and Erika, and the front desk clerk Cassandra. I got to tell you they are so different from any other clinic on Ft. Bliss. They have been helping me so much since my arrival from Iraq.
In the afternoon, I went to formation and Roxana picked me up from there.

Also, today I went to the Warrior Transition Unit with Dr. Podila to check the room that they are going to let us use for the TBI Support Group. More than likely we will be doing it at a A Co dayroom. The flyer should be publish by Friday.
Have a good night.
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