Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Few New Things

Hi, everyone. It's been a few days since my last post. Since the last post my days have been pretty much a repetition of past days. I had two appointments witht the chiropractor, two appointments the acupuncturist, and Mentis today. The highlights of this few days have been that Dr. Petri did needle acupuncture on some knots I have on my muscles. That was painful, but at least it took care of one of the knots. Tomorrow I will go for another treatment.
Last Saturday I began to use Androderm. This is a testosterone patch. It is suppose to bring my testosterone levels back up. Apparently my pituitary gland got affected with the injury because different hormones and vitamins are extremely low. My Primary Care Management order me these patches to try to bring the testosterone to normal levels.
Last Saturday too, I went to a Pranic Healing seminar with Dr. Podila and Mr. Greg Otto from the Warrior Transition Clinic. Pranic Healing is a method of healing using the energy field in the body. It was quite amazing. It was a long day on Saturday. It was overwhelming for me. So overwhelming that on Sunday I had vertigo and headaches. I could not wake up until late.
Today the day started with a run with Jimmy. We ran slightly over 2 miles. It wasn't a good run for me, I was not feeling it. Then during speech therapy we worked on some reading comprehension and fluency strategies. In occupational therapy, Stephen, did a reeval on my grip strength and is up to about 120psi per hand. That's pretty awesome. So much improvement in so little. I'm telling you effective therapy reflects in amazing results. Finally during Physical Therapy we worked on the balance issues with vestibular exercises (head movements, walk, and ball throw). Today I had to close my eyes on some of the exercises and I got to tell you is so hard to keep my balance. When I realize that I am loosing my balance its already too late because when I open my eyes I am too far to the left or the right and at that point is hard to bring myself to balance.
Tomorrow we will have the second meeting of the TBI Support Group at the Warrior Transition Unit. I will let you all know how it goes.

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  1. My husband also had very low testerone levels as well. They told us that because when you are in combat it's common for it to decrease so that your agressive nature is repressed and you don't just go shooting people. However his never came up. They said that was abnormal. I wonder if it is from his TBI. They only did the gel hormones for a while because they said if you did it too long your body wouldn't even try to make it anymore. Interesting though that you too were going through that.