Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Way to Start

Hi everyone, today was a Mentis day as you all know. The day started as usual with Speech Therapy. Vanessa had a family conference so for the first time I worked with Wendy. Wendy is another speech pathologist at Mentis. We started using the motronome. The metronome is a computer that has some kind of sensors that all together work with coordination. I use to hate it because I didn't do to good at it. I was always well below the average. Today, all that time spent with me in the metronome paid of, because when Wendy put me on that machine today I was above average on most of the tasks measured. I was so happy. After the metronome we sat down to work on some reading comprehension. I started good for the first 2 paragraphs. I had to write things down but that's ok, it's all about compensating strategies. Once we got to the third paragraph is when I hit the brick wall. From there on it was very hard to comprehend what I was reading. With Wendy's help I was able to accomplish the task.
Physical Therapy today started like any other session. YESs and NOs. Following that I had to walk on the treadmill giving sidesteps. It should help improve the balance. And we finish with some other side step exercises in the hallway.
During Occupational Therapy, Clint and I had to put another of those electrical circuits, but this time I was in a room and he was in another. We were using handheld radios to communicate. This will help us with communication skills. We were successful at the task.

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. I congratulate you on your progress. Keep up the noble fight. We will follow you closely.