Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Nobody said this healing process was going to be easy. But one thing is for sure, "it does get BETTER".
First, I'm driving again. AWESOME!!!
Today started great with a 3 miles run. As time passes it getting easier. I ran this morning with the Physical Therapists, Jimmy and Tessa. It was really fun to do that this morning. GOOD GAME!!!
After the run I had Speech Therapy. Speech Therapy is the most challenging therapy for me. Today Claudia and I worked on reading and comprehension. This task is hard. I started to get frustrated because here I am almost 10 months after the injury and it's still so hard to comprehend any reading. The way we started was extremely difficult. Claudia immediately noticed my frustration and adjusted the session. She focused more on some strategies to help me comprehend what I was reading. The acronym for the strategy was PQRST which stands for Preview, Question, Read, Summarize, and Test. Once she explained these strategies to me I continued to read with her help. In the end my frustration was almost gone. THANK YOU CLAUDIA for taking the time with me. At the end of the session we went over some speech fluency exercises. Today she gave some words that I had to pronounce in three stages. Stage 1 was pronounce the word. Stage 2 was adding the word "The" to the word previously given. Stage 3 was the "The", the previously given word, and aadding an adjective to it. I did good on this exercise. It will all get better before it gets worse.
After Speech I had Occupational Therapy. Here Stephen and I worked on divided attention. The execise was to identify songs on the radio while at the same time I was doing a word task on the computer. I think I did good on this one too.
Following OT I had Physical Therapy. As usual Jimmy worked on the YESs and NOs for about 10 minutes or so. Then we proceeded to work on some walking exercises for balance. This time I had to do some of them with my eyes closed and some with weight. I felt so uneasy doing that but I did it.
At lunch today we had some tostada, guacamole, refried beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, and fideo. It was delicious. This time the portion was pretty close to a man's size portion. YEAH!!!
At the end of the day we had the Men's Support Group. We did some team bulding activities. It was fun to do.
Tomorrow starts the TBI Support Group that I'm putting together with Dr. Petri, Dr. Podila and Roxana on Ft. Bliss. We'll let you know how it goes.

See you tomorrow.
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