Monday, April 19, 2010

New Beginnings

I has been a few days since my last post. Well from Friday until today, I have had 2 Chiropractic appointments, a vascular appointment, a neurology appointment, and an acupuncture appointment. The chiropractic appointments have been pretty much the same as the one I described on an earlier post. It is amazing how Dr. Harris finds exactly were the pain is on my back and neck just by simply touching and feeling the spine and surrounding areas. My pain gets so much better instantly after treatment. As you guys know already, he treats the balance problems I am having. I can say he has magical hands, because after he does treatment for balance it improves significantly. Eventually it goes back the problems come back but with the continuous therapy is expected to resolve.
During the acupuncture treatment, COL (Dr) Petri does ear accupunture/nerve stimulation. He treats different pains, like headaches, back, temporomandibular joint, etc. His treatment is the reason why I am not taking any other medication than Celexa (for mood swings). His treatment is amazing. He also does it for the tremors. They get better almost on the spot. It is a great treatment.
In the past few months providers suspected that I had some kind of problems with the vertebral artery due to the balance issues, vertigo, and dizziness. I had an ultrasound and a CT scan on the area to test for it. That's the reason I went to the Vascular Clinic last Friday. They check all the results and "good news" it is clear. Thanks to that I can go back to driving again.
It has been a little over a month now that I haven'n been able to drive. I'm usually very independent and since I'm not driving I have been depending on others for help. The good thing is that friends and family have always been there for me, help was always there. I am so blessed with having a wife like Roxana, she's so supportive, caring, and understanding.
Also, last Friday I had the neurology appointment with Dr. Iqbal in Las Cruces. He's also a great doctor. He understand that I'm on the right track with the rehabilitation. He'll see me again in 6 months.
The new TBI Support group will start on Wednesday. I have been working on developing it with a lot of help from my wife, Dr. Podila, and Dr. Petri. Well tell you the truth they have done most of the things, I've been doing what I can. But it is great to see that I can still do meaningful things and that a brain injury is not the end. The group is supposed to start with about 90 Soldiers. We will do an introduction, and Dr. Petri will do a mini lecture on what to expect after a brain injury.
I am very excited about this group!!!
This next Saturday and Sunday, I will be attending a course on Pranic Healing with Dr. Podila. I really don't know what is "pranic healing", so I will let you guys know what is up with that!!!
See you all tomorrow!!!! Good night!!!!

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