Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pilot

Well, finally today we had the so anticipated TBI Support Group at the Warrior Transition Unit. It was a total success. We had about 10 Soldiers showing up. It was definately amazing.
The group met at 1430. About 3 hours before the group, Dr. Podila, Roxana, Marilyn, and myself went to the WTU clasroom to set it up. We had handouts, pastries and drinks, along as forms that the participants filled out to let us know what they wanted in the group.
Once it started I went ahead and introduced myself to the group, and gave a little introduction on how the group came to be. Everybody within the group had a chance to give a little introduction about them. COL (Dr.) Petri was the guest speaker. He talked to the group about Brain Injury, Integrative Medicine, and he thanked everybody for their service. All the participants in the group are veterans that were wounded while deployed. After Dr. Petri Roxana got up and talked to the group about TBI from the significant other perspective.
During the group session we had a TaiChi presentation by Mr. Otto. He is a Social Worker at the WTU Clinic. I have never done TaiChi, but I did like it a lot. I'm thinking about taking some classes to learn it. After Mr. Otto gave the presentation everybody in the group got on their feet and we practiced some of the basic TaiChi skills. It was very relaxing.
Dr. Podila introduced to the group the Brain Yoga. It is a technique that allows the energy in the brain to get balance. It was very relaxing also.
Throughout the session we gave away 3 prizes to randomly selected participants. They were excited about it.
In my opinion what makes TBI Soldiers come together is when they can discuss their symptoms with others. So the syptom for the day was "feeling overwhelmed". We went around the circle and everybody had a chance to express how is it when they feel overwhelmed and how they deal with it. One of the intentions behind this is that Soldiers can learn from others about the different techniques that help them with the symptoms.
Overall it was a success. Thanks to Dr. Podila, Roxana, Dr. Petri, and Marilyn. THANK YOU all for the time and effort you put to make this happen.

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