Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Therapies at Mentis

Today I had a therapy day at Mentis. The day started out with Speech Therapy. I briefed the speech pathologist, Mrs. Claudia Mendoza, on what I had been doing to open this blog. Also we talked about a flyer that I am making to open a TBI support group at Ft. Bliss. She sure brings a lot of motivation into the therapy session. I tried to go around part of the treatment but Claudia caught me. I really don't like the speech fluency part, which focuses on the stuttering, for me is kind of embarassing, but I got to do what I got to do.
The next therapy was occupational therapy with Stephen. Today, I had to put together a small electrical circuit while at the same time I had to write the instructions on a piece of paper. Stephen and one of the nurses were able to put together the same circuit following my instructions.
After Occupational Therapy I had Physical Therapy, with Jimmy Moody. Today was a special day because we went out on 2.5 miles run. Too many hills on the route. I had not been able to run this far since the injury. So "hi five!!!", "good game". I do recognize that Jimmy doesnt have to do this since this is not the traditional therapy. But he is so commited to his patients that he puts the time and effort to help me return to duty. Thanks Jimmy!!!
One of the patients cooked today. It was potatoes, ground beed and tortillas. The flavor was good but.... the serving was kids' size. During lunch I talked to other patients about how were they and how their day was. I'm a talker!!!
Finally after lunch we had the Men's Support Group. This group was conducted by Jimmy, Stephen, and a UTEP Physical Therapy student (I do not remember his name). We had some team building and coordination activities. At the end Billy (another Soldier at Mentis) threw a water balloon at Jimmy (it was fuuuunnyyy!!!)
Finally Roxana came to pick me up. And she took me straight to Sonic to get a man's size meal).

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