Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After a Long Wait and more...

Hello everyone. Hope everybody is doing fine. I know I didn't post anything for a few weeks because I have been busy. I the past couple of weeks I have been at Mentis several times having the regular therapies. I had my reeval about a week ago and they decided to extend me for another 3 to 4 months. I don't know the exact end date yet. At times I feel frustrated because I'm so close but yet so far. I'll keep having my faith in God that it will not take that much longer and I will be able to return to duty soon.
Friday I attended the uncasing of the colors ceremony for the 4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division at Biggs Army Airfield. It was a great ceremony. There was the whole brigade after being back from Iraq. I was so happy to see Nick, my gunner that got injured at the same time I was injured. Seeing him standing tall brought a lot of pride to myself. After the ceremony I talked to Paul and LTC Gallivan. Also, I saw CSM Yuraska when he approched me for a hand shake. I felt the support they gave me that day. A lot of time I felt like they had forgotten about me and it saddened me. But friday I felt that that wasn't the case. I am proud to have served with them in combat.
Last Saturday I did the Wounded Warrior Walk sponsored by the group Bridges here at Ft. Bliss. It was a 5K walk were military and civilians participated. It was fun. I walked it with Roxana.
On Sunday I went on a walk around the neighborhood with Roxana. Oh, it's so relaxing for me to go outdoors. It is the best medicine for me. We walked for about 5 miles. It took us a long time but it was really fun. As you all know I recently started running and doing more physical training. I'm not where I was at before the injury but I know I will get there. It is so wonderful to be able to either run or do elliptical training. The more fit I feel the better I am physically and emotionally. When I wasn't able to workout it played a significant role to how I felt. Plus, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and achievement.
Last Wednesday we had the TBI support group. We had about 6 Soldiers showing up. That day it was kind of like a venting session where all the participants expressed how they felt. We talked for about 1.5 hours. It was great. At the end of the group Dr. Podila did acupuncture on the Soldiers that volunteer for it. Acupuncture therapy is by far one of the best treatments I receive. It takes the headaches, tremors and other pains away. I highly encourage all Soldiers suffering from a brain injury to try acupuncture, it really helps.
Yesterday I had dinner with 5 Soldiers I used to serve with. We went to Red Lobster. The time we spent together was great. Seeing them back in the States makes me happy and brings closure to me. After being Medevac'd it has not been easy to deal with the fact that I felt like I left my Soldiers behind. Everyday I thought "I'm here and they're there. I should be there too with them". I got to mention a good friend of mine, Jermane. Thanks brother for always staying in touch with me and for being there for me.
Last night I didn't have a good night. I slept probably for about 2 hours because my left leg was numb all night. It was a painful numbness. Apparently it comes from an injured disc on my lower back. The chiropractor will see me today to try to help me out with it.

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