Thursday, May 13, 2010

The new next

Yesterday we had the TBI support group. As usual it was a great session. About 10 Soldiers came to the group. We discussed different symptoms to include hormonal changes, weight gain, headaches, tremors or shakes, balance among others. Soldiers where motivated to voice their experiences. In my opinion, having a group with the philosophy of "for the Soldiers by the Soldiers", is very effective. This because of participants are able to see that other Soldiers regardless of rank or MOS are suffering the same injury. It is empowering to participate in a group like this.
Today I went to Mentis as is usual for my Thursdays. During speech therapy I was part of a group of about 5 other patients. We discussed stress mangement. In occupational therapy with Raquel for the first time I was part of a group where the participants were only Soldiers. Since it was my first time they focused on explaining to me what as a group they try to target and improve. Mainly is about the emotional stages of healling after a brain injury. In physical therapy we did the regular YESs and NOs but today Jimmy integrated some coordination exercises.
Also, today I was informed that I will be attending the rehab program an additional day per week. This will be Fridays. They added outings in the community, family conferences, and additional speech therapy sessions. In the long run this will expedite my healing process. I can't wait to go back to the old me.

"It will get better before it gets worse"
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