Thursday, June 3, 2010

BACK: Renewed and Relaxed

Hello, I've been away for a few weeks because I finally took a vacation. Roxana and I went to Disney World to celebrate our anniversary. It was an excellent trip. We were so blessed as we received an upgrade from Disney to stayed at a concierge area at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Upon our arrival to the room Roxana found in the room a floral arrangement, personalized towels, and rose petals forming a heart that I had ordered a few weeks ahead of time. The room was big and comfortable. During our stay there we had dinner at a few of the Signature Restaurants on property. We watched the fireworks from different restaurants on first row. We watched them from the California Grill, Citricos, Cinderella's Royal Table and Narcoosee's.
It was good to stay on Disney property because it allowed me to go back to the room and rest on park days. We couldn't do to many parks because I get tired to quick. Our anniversary day celebration started with a spa treatment. It was awesome!!! The we had dinner at Narcoosee's where they gifted us with a cake and personalized menus.
Also, on during my vacation I was able to see my family and spend a few days with them. It's so bad that I had to come to an end. But I had to get back to business and get into rehab.
This week as I get back to rehab I'm starting some extended hours of treatment. Like I said before now I go Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Now is pretty much full days. I'm looking forward for this next few months to see the challenges ahead and see success.

Until next time.

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