Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Hot July Day In My Life

I take this opportunity to share how a regular day for me is. Well, after waking up yesterday morning, drinking coffee, and get ready to go to Mentis I remembered that I had to take a few pills to Mentis. I owed them this medication because during the past month I forgot to take the medication at home. They kindly provided the meds for me. One of the medication is for attention, I don't rely on my wife to remind me about the meds. If I forget I'll pay the price. I got to tell you that whenever I forget my attention medication I can't focus on nothing. Others claim that I don't listen to them or that I just simply wander off. This happens involutarily and sometimes I notice but if I forget that medication I can't focus, not even to safe my own life. I wish somebody takes video of me being like that. Honestly that has to look funny. So, coming back to me having to take those pills back to Mentis, the good thing was that I remembered that I had to take them back. I put them on a ziploc bag and placed them on top of the counter while I drank some water.
Immediately after I drank my water I was ready to hit the road. So, I went to the garage and got my truck started for it to warm up. It was about 90 degrees yesterday morning. So there was not much warming the truck had to do. So there I was finally ready to be on my way. I got in my Toyota Tacoma and was on my way to Mentis.
Enroute, I made a phone call to my mom. We talked for about 10 minutes. Every time I'm behind the wheel I'm either talking to Roxana or to mom. After I hung up with her I thought about the meds. Where were they? Yes, I know, they were on top of the counter at the house. Well, that mission didn't get accomplish, it'll be next time I guess. I got to Mentis and proceeded to start my day with Physical Therapy. Jimmy made me do a work out yesterday. We started with the regular vestibular exercises and we moved on to something like push ups, ball throwing, and a home made obstacle course in which I had to jump over objects. We finished with stair exercises. All exercises were modified to focus on balance by Jimmy. It was an outstanding session.
During occupational therapy we played a game called PayDay. Raquel, the occupational therapist wanted to focus on attention and multitasking skills. I had to maintain track of all the loans taken by the players along with me being a player too. I didn't win but it was a fun and great game.
During the speech therapy, we worked on deducting reasoning. Vanessa wanted us to solve logic puzzles as the therapy exercise. The puzzles can be obtained from This puzzles are like a matrix with different variables. The goal is to be able to match the variables together. The puzzle gives some clues that are very clear to deduct, others require more thought process to determine the match. I was able to complete the level 4 puzzle. Yeah, amazing accomplishment.
At the second speech therapy, this time with Claudia, it was all fluency. Yes, very tiring. We worked on conversation and phrases, and reading. I have to tell you that my reading has improved a lot. My fluency problem is that I know in my head exactly how the word sounds but when I speak it doesn't come out as clear as I thought it. At the end of the therapy we worked on applying fluency strategies while walking (multi-task). When applying the fluency strategies is hard for me to raise the volume of my voice. In order to engage this problem Claudia and I did an exercise in which we started having a conversation standing 5 feet apart for a while. The we expanded the distance from each other to 15 and 20 feet. This was is a little hard because if Claudia can't understand what I'm saying she'll make me repeat it until she understands. Sometimes she even closes her eyes to avoid reading my lips. If she can't understand I have to repeat until she clearly understands. Yet, this was a very productive session.
After this session I had another speech therapy with Vanessa. This time it was a full hour of doing a level 5 logic puzzle. It was hard. I worked on it but I made a mistake at one point and couldn't keep going. I love those puzzles. So, I took that same puzzle home to work on it. I solved it last night with just one mistake. Yeah!!!
When I got to the house after Mentis, Roxana was waiting on me. Apparently I was not paying attention and I walked past her without acknowledging her. She got upset but it was all good after that. Sometimes that happens, unintentionally not paying attention to my surrounding. So, I started working on this blog posting. It took me last night about five hours and a couple of hours this morning. Before going to bed last night we did the logic puzzle that I didn't finish during therapy. Like I said I was able to finish it.
So, this was my day.
Just making a quick highlight: I'm getting better!!! Awesome!!!
Thanks for your support.

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