Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Key #1: Independence

Hi everyone. I want to create a series of postings on some of the key elements of successful recovery from a Brain Injury. All I will mention here is from my perspective and based on my own experience. I do struggle with my brain injury in the present and have not fully recovered.
The top thing I encourage any brain injury survivor is to maintain their independence as much as possible. Of course in some more severe brain injuries is hard to maintain independence as some survivor really cannot perform certain tasks. During recovery the more I do independently those tasks that are harder to perform the better results I get. I figured out that for me the more I do this tasks the faster I get use to do them. At the begining, for some tasks I either needed assistance or required a heavy level of concentration. Now as I do them more I find myself doing those tasks with less concentration and effort. Basically, I see it this way, the more repetition the faster the brain gets retrained and the easier everything become.
So, if you are a brain injury survivor I highly encourage you to put forth effort in maintaing your independence. It is not easy, but remember nobody said this was going to be easy.


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