Monday, July 12, 2010

Many Thanks To

Hello everybody. I know again it has been quite a while since I wrote in here. There has been many things going with me that has been taking the time away.
I want to thank a few people that have been supporting me in so many different ways. I apologize if I forgot somebody, it was not intentional. So here it goes...
To God for walking the healing road with me, and to Roxana for being so loving, understanding, caring, and supportive. Roxana I couldn't get thru this without you, I Love You, you are my biggest blessing. To my family, mom, dad, Zandra and her family, my in-laws, Melissa, Vitin, and Janet and David. To all that have really taken care of me Dr. Petri, Dr. Harris, Jennifer, Amy, Erika, Ismael, MS, BH, HT, JW (you all know who you are) and Erika C. To my former command, friends and their family; 1SG Crow and Becky, CPT Lockhart, CPT Porter, Jermane, Raymond, Nick G and Jake. To all the providers and staff at Mentis: Jose, Eric S, Jimmy, Tessa, Suki, Claudia, Vanessa, Maribel, Raquel, Johnny and Stephen. To the NPR and Propublica reporters: Daniel Zwerdling and T. Christian Miller for helping get so many Soldiers voices out. To KFOX reporter: Derek Shore. To Congressman Teague and his staff for choosing to be our voice. Finally, Simone, thank you for your letter and support. You have made an impact in my life.
I thank God for providing me with so many good people around me. Each of the names I mentioned here have been a great support during my recovery. Without you all I could not have made it. I will always be grateful for you frienship, compassion and support. You all have been great!!! I have no words to express how thankful I am that you all are in some way conected to me. Hugs to all!!!
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  1. I am so proud of you. Your determination during your recovery is incredible. When we married I promised in health and sickness so now is the time to fulfill that promise. You have been a wonderful husband and friend through the years and we have shared so much so this is our new journey, one full of new valuable experiences. I will walk beside you and support you in all. You still brew the most delicious coffee ever :) Lets grow old together like we always said. I LOVE YOU! God Bless you and God Bless our beautiful marriage!