Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Words of Advice from Mark Palmer from In response to the posting "Could I ever do anything right?

Reading your post brought back memories of an individual I meet a couple of years ago, he was sad much like you describe, I listened, I asked questions, I listened some more and asked about his biggest most significant worry, he blurred out that "my daughter lost her dad" My response "have you given your daughter a chance to fall in love with her new dad"

I saw him a couple weeks later; the only conversation was "I did, she did"

I encourage everyone to let both their family land yourself love the person you are today, not the person that you remember from yesterday.

You and your family are very blessed to be together, start building from where you are today, all of you can and will find the opportunity to have a wonderful fulfilling life based on the reality of today. \

The words come from my personal experience 46 years after my injury. Please drop me note to tell me about your smile tomorrow. Best... Mark Palmer

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