Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Words of Advice from Melissa Delgado, my sister in law: In response to the posting "Could I ever do anything right?

First of all, I want to tell you that I am proud of you and thank God every minute that you are alive! I know that it might be frustrating at times, I see it every day at work with the claims that I work, so you are not alone in this. Don't worry about forgetting the medication, while you go around in remember it here is a tip...put a calendar alarm in you phone that reads 'take the meds with you', set it 20 min before the time you leave for Mentis. When it sounds, take the meds with you and click Snooze, NOT DISMISS ! Keep clicking the snooze button everytime it sounds until you are on the car, then when it sounds, if you have your meds you may click DISMISS. Yey! Mission accomplished. One down... A couple more to go! ;) I know that it could be frustrating at times but those who wait in the Lord shall have new strength! I understand that you may not be who you were, but you are somebody...and a very important one! You have a family that loves you, a great support group, home, friends, and a life worth living, that is more than some people in regular circumstances nowadays. Do not worry of becoming who you were, now you have the chance to be a new and improved you! We are not perfect in our own eyes, but understand this...God does not create useless things, He creates perfect machinery, even so powerful that we will never see the extent of it, but you can sure try. So don't give up, we will not let you! ;) I am sorry to read about your sad moment, I guess that it is allowed... But whenever you feel like some chocolate!...I'm kidding! (Well...that never hurt anybody) what I am trying to tell you and all of you soldiers out there reading this, is that the route to recovery is not a piece of cake, but even though you have the most favorable of environments, you need to focus in one thing a time. Things will come, maybe not as fast as you would wanted them but they will. And if they don't, something will replace them and it would be a new adventure.
About the personal relationships, I guess that ill or not, there is a common denominator...when you keep trying it get notice and the little details go a long way. You may start with a detail every day, simple things that you may do to show you care. Oh, yes... I guess you are what? Maybe giving her a little time for her like a spa gift (just an hour of relaxation), a thank you card... I believe that every relationship is different, maybe something that you know will work for you.
The last thing that I wanted to tell you is that recovery is like loosing weight (sorry for the comparison, but for me it makes sense, although Vitin,my husband, tells me that I have an odd sense) anyway... It is like loosing weight in terms of tracking. People usually see themselved fat evenn though they've lost like 400lbs. If you could keep in your blog a list of things you want to accomplish an a time for it, you will see how far you have come and the time it took you to get a timetable. It will assist anyone who is going through the same and wonders how long did you took and the effort and work placed on it. It does not mean that you are going to be 100% in a week, but you can see...and you will see!

I just hope that all that we are doing (which is not that much, due to the distance) assist you in your recovery. No matter how you were, aren or will be...alive is how we love you most! The rest will come. I hear a saying once that have stayed with me..."There is worse things in life than dying and that is living without honor." I believe that you have earned it. Do not be ashamed of how you talk, sound, walk, learn, balance, accomplish things, etc. I remember one day when we went Central Park in PR, where we ran a couple of miles, I was in shape that time and you were getting into shape, but you never quitted, not even when I picked up my pace, you finish with me. And then we went to Roxana and told her all about our route...I know that it is not the same, but you have always been a fighter and a driven individual and I know that this feeling will pass...this too shall pass! So keep it up, you head high, chest out, even in you have bitterness on you heart have honey on your lips...because this too shall pass!
Love you, your adoptive sis
Mely ;)

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