Monday, August 16, 2010

As a Veteran: Support is Priceless

Good Monday to all. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I didn't have the chance to write because I was out of town since last Thursday. I took the time to give my wife undivided attention and love.
We left last Thursday to go to the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wounded Warriors from Fort Bliss were invited by the hotel management in conjunction with USO to attend the Toby Keith concert with all expenses paid. I think there was about 60 Soldiers that attended. We all got to meet and greet with Toby Keith. They provided the rooms and dinner on Thursday. We all had an excellent time.
It is very gratifying to feel that our efforts for the nation don't go unnoticed. I'm a firm believer that all Americans do their own part to maintain our freedom. I don't think I deserve more than anybody, but it is good to see that people in our great Nation appreciate the sacrifices that the US Armed Forces Service Member have to make. Sacrifices that are selfless. We have to put our lives on "pause" to go and fight wars. While many keep living their ordinary lives we have to become apart from our loved ones to go overseas. The time that families spent apart is not regained. We have to try to quickly adjust and add quality to the present time. Being in the line of fire is not easy. Some cope with it better than others. But for sure is not a pleasant moment to face enemy attacks. We hold to our believes, our values, and the Warrior Ethos. These are just of the few sacrifices we make. Some have sacrificed their lives, and some others, like me, sacrificed our health.
After all the time invested in our country and its people it brings tears to my eyes to feel the appreciation that the American people have. The Hard Rock Cafe, the USO, and Toby Keith have demonstrated how much they recognize these sacrifices. Some Service Members have many struggles in their lives but feeling the hand shake, the hug, and the support from others, brings a new meaning to what they have already done. It is life changing to many, including myself.
From a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor perspective, it is because of moments like these that I get more motivated and more driven in getting better. I wish Vietnam Veterans would have had the same experiences today's Soldiers have. If you are reading these and you know a Vietnam Vet, take the time to welcome them home and thank them for their service. It is because of all these that I say: Support is Priceless.

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