Monday, August 2, 2010

Key #6: Spiritual Fitness

Alright, sensitive subject, continuing with the series keys of success. All I express here is based on my personal experience. Before I start let me make an important disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I believe in the Freedom of Religion that we enjoy thanks to our Constitution. What I'm about to say here, is in no way a mean of disregarding or discrediting any religion or belief. Everybody comes from different backgrounds, therefore different believes. I apologize ahead of time if you feel offended by this, it is not my intention. Thanks.

Happy Monday everybody. I hope everybody had a great weekend. Recovering from a brain injury in many ways it is attached to spirituality. Through spirituality we get to see our hope in recovering. It has been my experience. I have been a christian since October 1996. At the beginning when my injury happened I recognized that I was disconnected from God due to the fact that I couldn't get my thoughts lined up and it was very hard to set priorities. Nevertheless God never left me alone. He walks with me every step of the way. How do I know this? He has put knowledgeable and competent providers in charge of my treatment. He has given me a wife that is truly a blessing and has never left my side.
Before the injury I was a "loner". I didn't have to many friends. Today I have many friends. Many of these I have mentioned in prior postings. He has made possible for me to meet people online that have been either a helping hand, great supporters, and are available if I need them. Let me make a quick pause to recognize some of these folks that I've met online and that they have been a great blessing to me:
Dr. Rachel Lacy, from
Mark Palmer, from
Debbie Hampton, from
Aliea Herbert, TBI Survivor
Lee Staniland, from Brain Injury Center- Ventura
All the State Brain Injury Associations, in special, Arizona and South Carolina
Kelli McMillan, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nancy, from
GU-Smith, from
ArmyInfantryMom, from Twitter
Beatriz Fuentes, from
(I apologize if I left anybody out, many of you I mention on prior postings and in don't want to be redundant).
After a BI it is easy to feel alone, depressed, sad, like nobody understands what you are going through, etc. God have put on my path so many good people making it real hard for me to fall into an emotional black hole. Even though my attention is really bad, I have never stop going to church. I go every Sunday and to be honest, I retain very little, pretty close to nothing. But I find comfort in just being able to follow what I have believed in for so many years. The blessings have never stopped.
There have been many obstacles on this recovery road, thankfully there haven't been any obstacles I can't overcome. God have given me or those around me the wisdom and strength to be successful on my walk. God sustains me emotionally and guides my steps. Just by maintaining the faith in what I belief, I have great part of my battle already won. It provides emotional stability.
My message to you today is: keep your believes, more so now. The closer you keep yourself to your believes will bring a so needed emotional stability. Do not become isolated. Count your blessings. I'm sure they are many. And remember, IT WILL AL GET BETTER.
See you tomorrow my friends.


  1. Boy was I surprised to see my name in the list. Made me smile really big! Thanks. Just like you, sharing the experience of recovery from a brain injury with others gives me inspiration and strength. Helps give it all more meaning.

    As you also elude, the road to recovery has its' blessings along the way. Although I would never wish this on anyone, it has been a positive experience in my life. I will make sure it continues to be. As with anything, it is what we make of it.

  2. Thank you for the mention - I am both surprised and honoured. From reading through your blog and "talking" with you briefly I think you have come so very far and are such an inspiration to so many Victor. Keep on keepin' on.
    And to your awesome wife - you rock!!

    Once again, thank you