Friday, August 6, 2010

Overwhelming Day

Good Friday to all.
Here I am writing today with very little energy. As some of you might know, yesterday was quite a day for me. Somebody accessed 3 of my email accounts, changed my passwords, and sent emails requesting money on my name. That caused stress, worries, and a lot of thoughts. It is amazing the people that are out there trying to cause bad on honest citizens.
I'm I mad? No.
I believe there is a purpose and a lesson in every experience. Now, I can warn others about a situation like this. I heard it on the media about malicious people trying to do this, but now that it happened to me I can see the threat out there is real.
As a result from this incident I had to skip therapy session, and the ones I attended I was totally out of focus. It was very noticeable. Nevertheless I was able to apply my cognitive strategies to function under stress and overwhelming feeling. I had to prioritize what I had to do first. I typed it on my phone. I listed the places I had to call and the websites I had to access to change my usernames and passwords. After I had everything planned out I sat in front of a computer and proceeded to work on it. At first when I found out about it I had many thought racing in my head. I couldn't get organized nor planned. I couldn't determine which direction I had to go to resolve the issue. Writing everything down brought back focus and organization.
The strategies taught at Mentis during neuro rehabilitation work when properly applied. If you suffer from a brain injury remember that all you are taught has a purpose. At some point in time I had the opportunity to apply these strategies and they worked.
I really don't know if I'm making sense today. I still feel the aftermath of yesterday.
My message today is: apply your strategies they work.
My message to whoever access my email accounts is: I know you are reading this blog and obviously I'm a vulnerable target. I'm not mad. God bless you and your family. And may God supply for every need you have.
Big hugs to all.


  1. Good advice. I proud of you that you where able to pull yourself together and get what needed to be done, done. It can be so scary when you go thru things like that.

  2. Uggh! So sorry that happened, but good for you in the in the manner in which you handled it. I have found, as you did with this experience, that stressful situations become challenges and learning experiences with a brain injury. After every one, you feel a little more confident and competent. Good job! and don't ask for money again!! LOL

  3. That sux that someone hacked your accounts, but it's good that you aren't mad about it. My hubby has problems with anger, and he would be really upset. He's not in any neuro rehab or anything either as the VA is still denying that this was caused by Iraq.