Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traumatic Brain Injury: Every Survivor has an Inspirational Story

Happy Tuesday to all!
I want to take this opportunity to share something with you. I have received several stories since the beginning of this blog. I have notice that every story is inspirational in its own way. The ways the injuries have occurred are as different as how every survivor overcomes the effect of the brain injury. Many have been alone during the process, bringing a story of how they recovered while being fully independent. Many are divorced because their spouses couldn't take the load or burden of a brain injury. Many have had suicidal thoughts because they felt worthless and didn't feel support from others. Others have lost functionality on some limbs. Many have had a speech difficulty. Some have had difficulty with their insurance not covering rehabilitation. Others have been accused of fakers by providers. And the list goes on and on...
The good thing is that all of the stories I have received end up in success. Success having a different connotation with every survivor. Some were able to fully resume their life. While some others are happy because, for example, they can walk independently or eat independently. The meaning of success is different in every survivor.
If you are a survivor I encourage you to tell your story. It will be motivational to others. Don't get self centered and think you got it worse than everybody. Others might see you as a role model and mostly everybody you'll talk to will see you as an inspiration.
If you never had a brain injury but you know somebody that have had a brain injury, sit down and talk to them. You will be inspired for sure. Just by listening you are making yourself a healing tool. It is a life changing experience to be a good listener.
My message today is: survivors- share your story; supporters- listen to others. Either way it is life changing to both parts.
Thanks for your time.
See you tomorrow.

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  1. When you have hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up and you appreciate every little inch! I agree. We can all inspire and teach each other.