Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Using Soldier Skills to Help Others

Good Wednesday to all.
As you all know I am in the US Army still in Active Duty. Throughout my career as a Soldier I have learned many skills and values. Some these can be applied in the military and outside the military. As I work towards the accomplishment of my new mission I have to reach to my Army skills to make it possible.
Let's take "Leadership". As define in the military, leadership is the ability to influence others by providing purpose, direction, and motivation in order for them to accomplish a desired goal or task. Taking this defination it can be clearly applied to what I am doing in this page. Purpose can be seen as I bring the importance of healing and getting better to accomplish a functional life. I usually generalize in this area because in all brain injury cases is set by the individual. Every survivor needs to be precise in defining their purpose from now on, making sure is outside the comfort zone. Nothing good has been accomplished throughout history from people that remain in their comfort zone. You need to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish big things for you and others. So make sure you set yourself a purpose that you and other will benefit from it and from your experiences.
The way I have being expressing direction is by documenting my recovery and most importantly focusing on what I think works best from my point of view as a patient. I tried to be detailed on what I think are the factors that mostly help during healing. I also generalized on this area because as I mentioned before this is individual set. My direction is to walk down the path of recovery. I have seen TBI survivors taking a different path and not been on a positive direction. They have chosen to avoid or deny treatment because they have a secondary goal of collecting insurance payments, disability payments, or settlements. Honestly, how good is the money if you are not functional in life? Is it really worth it? So make sure you follow the proper direction because ultimately good or bad the consequences will be yours. Don't think about today but think about tomorrow too. In my opinion the direction to be followed is the one that's going to take you to heal and to achieve a functional life.
How do I provide motivation in what I write? Well, the only motivation is that "IT WILL ALL GET BETTER". By setting yourself a clear purpose and walking in the proper direction. As you see results like I've seen and documented here you will get motivated. Progress, improvement and healing happens every day. That itself bring it's own motivation. It is hard to maintain a high level of motivation after a brain injury. Your progress and support network will help with it. Keep your eyes open so you can see your progress. It will get you motivated.
I can describe my mission in a few words. Like the "Warrior Ethos" in the Warrior's Creed says "I WILL ALWAYS PLACE THE MISSION FIRST, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT, I WILL NEVER QUIT, I WILL NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN CAOMRADE". As long as I got a heart beat and a breath of life I will always keep going in bringing awareness to brain injuries. I will not quit even when this gets better. I will be successful in my recovery and I will not quit even when my energy and motivation runs low. Military or non-military, I will not leave you behind. I'm right here with you and beside you. Us that suffered a brain injury are the only ones that fully understand what we go through with the injury. We have to stick together without leaving anybody behind.
See you tomorrow.


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