Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Never Accept Defeat

Good Tuesday.
I haven't written in quite a few days. My past week or so has not been the best. Based on my last post you can tell that it wasn't my better days. This past week I have been in an extreme pain due to injuries on my back and neck. It was hard to even sit down. I rested a lot during the weekend and now I feel a little better. Not pain free but better. As you all know, I was frustrated last week because of the reality I am facing. A reality that could be depressing but thanks to my God and to my wife I'm not going down that route. It saddens me but thankfully it doesn't get to a depression.
I want to make a quick pause and thank all of you that keep me in your prayers. God bless you all.
I have learned through life and military training to be a fighter. Like the Warrior Ethos says in the Soldiers' Creed: "I will never accept defeat". And I'm doing everything within my power to remain victorious in this fight. It might put me down at times, but it will not keep me down. I will get up and keep fighting. It is not about winning the battle, it is about winning the war. Feeling down or in pain, is just a battle. Healing is the war.
Like any unit in combat, the fight can keep going until all supplies are depleted. Before that happens, supplies are delivered to ensure that all operations continue without interruptions. Ever since I started feeling like my batteries were running low, there have been a massive amount of messages of support. Not only messages of encouragement, but also messages of lives that have been touched by what's presented in this page. Many emails I received from brain injury survivors. It is gratifying and a humbling experience to see that others find the information on this page useful. It is a blessing from God to be able to experience it.
I get really happy when I hear the tone on my cell phone that a new message came in. I know that the message is from one of you. The fact that I know that some of you think about me throughout your day makes me really happy. I triggers the motivation to keep going. I hope that I get to meet personally some of you. Keep the messages coming. It is life changing to read what some of you say.
I have to make another pause and thank my wife. She is part of the happy moments and the not so happy. She is my personal cheerleader. She encourages me to keep going. She makes this so painless. I do recognize that is not easy for her, but faithfully she remains there. Guiding me. Walking with me. I think of her and I get a smile on my face. Even with the injury we still laugh and have good times. Sometimes we laugh at the brain injury. Some of the things I do, I think thy are funny. Funny is an understatement, they are hilarious.
Thank you Roxana for being by my side, for understanding, and for loving me unconditionally.
My message today is: Support the brain injury survivors. Not out of pity but because your support brings healing. To the brain injury survivors, never accept defeat. Keep fighting. I know is hard but you have to keep fight.
Until next time.

Victor Medina


  1. What a great attitude! I know alot of it comes from Roxana. You are so blessed to have her. I think about calling you and then I stop and say "he is probably busy" but hey what the hack, I will do it and if you are busy just tell me.We all need each other and no one know that better than another BIed person.I wrote to Roxana yesterday and it sounded like you where ok, so I didn't call then. Just remember all of us out here, care about you and are sending you good thoughts. Take care guy.

  2. Victor, I want to applaud you for being brave enough to express yourself so authentically. There is no "reality." Your future is defined by your thoughts. Yes, there are real limitations, right now, but your possibilities are only limited by what you think you are capable of.

    Having had the doctors tell me that I would not recover, I know this to be true. It will take time. It will take work. Hard work. Every day. It will take you being creative and inventive and even a little stubborn at times, but it will happen.

    When you need to ...rest. That is part of it. also, I know you are trained to be a warrior and to be tough, but having compassion for yourself and being gentle with yourself is also part of it. There are times when the warrior has to just step aside for a little while....then, come out and take back over.

    Riding the roller coaster of emotions is also part of it. Move through the lows...move through the highs. Just keep moving and living authentically. Without the lows, we would not even know what something else felt like. It is all poart of the same spectrum. You are doing great. Keep going. Keep exploring. Keep trying new things.

    It will take time, but you will get there. Sorry, no time to proof.

  3. You will learn your 'pacing' same as I did, it is hard as you never knew of the word 'can't' anymore than I did. So you will continue to do too much and find out the hard way! Plus with a Brain Injury you will continually forget that you need to pace yourself, it is a very vicious circle. But, eventually you will get there as you will no more accept that the word 'can't' exists, than I will! What you actually have to do is find ways around things, in the same way that nerves regrow and find new pathways, so will you! Debbie Ann Kendall @Injury_Claims_

  4. You are so right Lee. A lot comes from Roxana. My husband is still alive today thanks to God and for me standing by my husband for better or worse. If I turned my back on my husband like his mother and children have, he would not be here today. He would have gave up his will a long time ago. My husband is like you Victor a warrior. All I want for him is to come home so that I can care for him..That is what my soldier deserves. Great job with the blog.

  5. I’ve been thinking about you overnight. Victor, our Brain Injuries are so similar.
    Our Characters are too. The Rules, we live our lives by the same.
    My Military Upbringing taught me There is no such word as ‘can’t’. It taught me Honour and Pride too.
    Victor, YOU are a SOLDIER. YOU will always be a SOLDIER. It is in your blood, a transfusion couldn’t change that.
    I am a BIKER. I will always be a BIKER. It is in my blood, nothing can change it.
    A SOLDIER never leaves a man behind. A BIKER never leaves a fellow biker on the side of the road.
    I will not leave you on the side of the road.
    So, I have a new rule I want you to live your life by.
    SOLDIER! What do you do when you come across a mine field you cannot cross?
    You find a way round it, You work around it.
    I want you and every Vet to live and work by that rule SOLDIER.
    Apply it to everything and you’ll be fine.
    Debbie Ann Kendall @Injury_Claims_