Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanya is Her Name

Good Friday all.
I have a Belgian Malinois as a pet. Her name is Thanya, a 93 lbs dog. My mother in law had a dream with her before we got her. That was the name in the dream. We don't believe in dreams that way but we thought it would be nice to name her as the name on the dream. She is well trained. We never paid for a professional trainer, we only talked to her from the begining. That breed is like the German Shepherds. They are very analytical in all they do. She's a house dog, she understands her off limit areas, for example she doesn't go in the kitchen or the guest room. She won't eat anything that's not given to her. We can drop food from the table and if we don't tell her to get it she won't even touch it. She's an amazing dog. When we walked together I can set her loose and she won't leave our side. She has survived a kidney failure, heart worms, and cancer. After all that regardless of being 7 years old she still acts very playful. We are so blessed to have her.
I remember before my injury I had fallen backwards while doing backwards sprints. That time my head was the first thing that hit the concrete. I had loss of consciousness for less than a minute. I had a big lump in my head and I was in terrible pain. The pain was so bad that it put me in bed for a few days. Thanya didn't move from my side. The only reasons she would move from my side was to eat, drink water, and got to the "bathroom". She knew there was something wrong with me and that I was in pain. I would open my eyes and there she was either laying down right beside the bed or staring at me with those big hazel eyes. I find funny how they know.
After my injury she follows me everywhere I go. She know when I'm in pain or when I'm just simply having a "bad" day. Sometime she goes tell my wife, in her own way, that I'm not feeling well. It's amazing. She brings so much peace to me. Just by being beside me. She's so thankful of when I take care of her. She always has a happy spirit. She even reminds me of when is time to go to bed. Just by having her by our side, petting her, and see her so happy brings healing, brings happiness with her. It's a blessing. Call me crazy, but I talk to her, and for me I think she understands. It's amazing and funny all her face expressions. She helps my healing journey everyday. She is a blessing in our lives.
See you later!!! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Dogs are a wonderful healer. They have 'Pat' dogs here that they take around Nursing Homes and into Hospitals that are very good natured. This allows people to pet them and brings joy to their day.
    I have a Husky called Freya, who my husband walks, and she knows when he is on the end of the lead that she can pull a bit, although for a Husky she is not too bad. However, when I am holding the lead, she walks perfectly by my side and never pulls. She knows she would hurt me. She also knows when I am suffering and gets very concerned, you can see by the expression on her face. She too fetches Alan if she gets too worried. When I was misdiagnosed with Swine Flu over the phone last year, but actually had Meningitis, she would not move from my side and got jittery and started pacing when I was real bad. She too knows exactly what belongs to her, she has her own toy bin. She takes great delight in picking all her toys out of the bin after we pick them up and put them back. I have a little blind lahsa apso who has been with me since my accident who used to give a little low warning growl at any one who he considered might harm me, when we were alone. He had to sleep actually touching me, and helped me through my entire recovery. Dogs are a great healer. We are blessed to be loved by one.

  2. Cat's too. My Ebby lyed next to me and put his paw on my forehead when I was having a migrain headache. Animals are amazing. They diffently know when you are hurting. Victor, put up a picture of your baby. I call him baby cause I'm sure that is what he is to you. Mine too.