Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Virtual Guardian Angels

I hope everybody is having a blessed Wednesday to all.
God has been so merciful with me, not only he gave me a second chance to life, but he has blessed me with a group of wonderful people around me. Having a strong support group is very important for a successful rehabilitation. My support network is far more of what I ever expected. Throughout my recovery I have met a variety of people, all with a great heart, all having the Divine skill of sending words of support when it is needed the most. It brings joy to my heart to know that they support me because of their good heart. It humbles me to know that by the articles I write this selected group have become very close to me, regardless of the physical distance. I want to recognize some of my virtual angels.
Lee Staniland, your ability to share the wealth of experience, advice and knowledge you possess, makes me see my days brighter. It reinforces my belief of “it will all get better”. I am so happy I have met you. You are truly a TBI Warrior.
Debbie Hampton, thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge, and advices too. You help me see life in a more positive way. Those quotes you post on Facebook are not unread. They bring blessing to my life and I am sure there are more lives being touch by your work. Keep it up, don’t stop.
Debbie Kendall, your advice and fighting spirit is contagious. Thank you for sharing your strength with me. You make a huge difference in my life. Your help in spreading awareness is priceless. Thank you so much for how you are with me.
Nancy Westacott, you are always there for advice and encouragement. Even on those moments when I need them the most, there you are like a miracle. Thank you for being such a support.
Andrea Lewis, despite of what might be going in your day, you always set time apart to let me know that you are there, sending me virtual hugs, and wishing me good times, thank you for being there for me. Hugs.
Debra Marie, you are always such a help in spreading the word of awareness. No matter when or where there you are helping me, and reminding me of honor and selfless service. You are an example of that. Thanks for your support and advices.
GU Smith, you are always there at the right time. It fills my heart with joy how you let me know almost every day that you are there, that you have not forgotten. You words of compassion and care make a big difference in my life. Thank you for being there, and for being wise when providing words of encouragement.
Dana Dillon, thanks for your help in bringing awareness. Your helping hand is almost visible to me. Thanks for what you do for me.
Victoria or Tori, thank you for always caring about my rehabilitation and my treatment. Your advices on what I should be looking for in the most physically painful times are great. It really make me feel like I have another therapist in the distance. Thank you.
Linda Dee, thank you for sharing your story with me. Your strength motivated me. Your positive view of life is amazing. Thank you so much fellow TBI Warrior.
MudDawgsMMA, Karen Bice, Tracy Olson and Chris Levings, thank you for always being there reminding me that I am not alone. Your help in bringing awareness is amazing and very appreciated. Your comments are not unread, I read them and truly make a difference. God bless you.
To all my online friends, thank you. Your support means the world to me. All of you give purpose to my recovery and my mission. God bless you all. I am going to try to do an article like this every month. I apologize if I forgot somebody, please don’t take it personal. You know about my memory problem. If I forgot you now, I won’t in the future.
All of you are my Virtual Guardian Angels. Thank you for making a difference in my life.



  1. You are very welcome! I love being one of your newest online friends and supporters. I think what you and your wife are doing is great. I am following her blog now!!

  2. Me too! and I feel the same way you do and getting a TBI as a blessing. I have met the greatest people because of it. Like I have always said , GOd kept me around for a reason. and he kept you alive too for that same reason. Keep up the great work that you and your wife are doing. God Bless You!!!

  3. I am a better person for meeting you, I am an ER/trauma nurse in OKC and I know what your going through. What your doing is the best form of therapy to be able to have an outlet to express your deepest thoughts, grievance, joy. I keep journals myself at the end of every shift I write about my days experience, the people I met both good and bad. I pray every night for people that I know that need the guidance and you and your wife are always in my prayers now. I check your blog every day to see how things are.

  4. I am humbled by your thanks. You help me and others much more than you realise. I help others through @Injury_Claims_ and through my LegalMedicalNegligence Blog, in a different way to you. We all work together, to raise awareness. It is like a package of care, you have many different aspects of care, all working together to heal and repair. My husband and everyone who knows me have always told me that I was saved as I had a higher purpose. Alan always told me he was here to protect me to allow me to do whatever this was. I now know what that purpose is. Just before my accident I felt an overwhelming sense of Peace and always thought that my Guardian Angel lifted me out of my body or entered my body. It was the last thing I felt. Thank you! We are all here for a purpose, and I believe we have found it. It will all get better.

  5. Victor, thank you so much for the gratitude. I feel the same way. I get so much support and encouragement from my online community. I could not have made it without them these last three years.

    It really helps to read about someone having some of the same emotions, thoughts, and experiences that you do and how they overcame it. Makes me feel not so isolated. Gives me hope and keeps me going. We all can do that at the very least for each other. Thank you for your contribution!

  6. Beautiful post of gratitude, you're so right, having support = successful recovery.

    We are blessed by those who can see us as whole humans with heart, mind, body and soul, who just happen to also have a Brain Injury.

    Those people are angels in my book too!

    (I've added a link to this page under my Faves.)

    Blessings on ya!!!!

  7. Aww Victor thank you so much for including me in your post. I too am in awe of the outpouring of support that the internet brings when needed most.
    No matter who we are or what battles we face it is always an easier ride when others are in our "corner".
    I learned a long time ago that my survival was in part because of the Virtual Guardian Angels that I have come in contact with.
    Again, thank you for including me!
    Hugs to you.

  8. I am truly honored and humbled Victor by your mention of me in this blog. I feel so grateful that I have met you and that you are now a part of my life. Your selfless act has cost you and continues to cost you and my prayer is that one day it will not. I will always be here for you anytime you need me. I am just an email away.

    You are so wonderful to share your experiences with all of us and I thank you so very much for that. You have achieved what it means to truly live. Not many people have achieved that in their existence. I am blessed and honored to have met you. May you & yours always be held in God's loving arms. Much Love and Peace to you and yours Victor! Thank you so very much!