Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blast Induced Traumatic Brain Injury Explained

Before my Brain Injury, I did not know what a TBI was, I never heard about it before. There are multiple researches that target to discover new things on brain injuries, from explanations to rehabilitation. It is obvious that our technology has not catch up to the brain injuries. I know the scientific fields are making progress and I acknowledge the complexity of the matter at hand. There are many problematics that need to be researched still. I think what makes it really hard to make progress is that every brain injury is different, and many are unseen by imaging technology. Nevertheless we know what the aftermath of a brain injury as some of us experience it daily. I often see and hear about how blast induced TBI behaves differently from a sports or car accident injury. Here I share a video from, they explain the difference between blast injuries and sports injuries.

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