Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making a Difference: Brain Injury Center at Ventura, CA and TBI Warrior

Happy Friday to all.

Last September I wrote a small article that was published by the Brain Injury Center in Ventura, CA. It is a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to meet passionate people. Last July, Mrs. Lee Staniland shared her story on the TBI Warrior page, It was the beginning of a powerful, meaningful and long lasting friendship. She is part of the Brain Injury Center. The Center gives hope to so many lives. They are an organization that lives by their mission statement putting those in need first. Please read this amazing statement:

"Our Mission is to encourage meaningful, productive, fulfilling lives for people who live with brain injury and their families.

The Brain Injury Center meets the needs of clients and their families/caregivers in many different places on the continuum of care. The Brain Injury Center provides support for family members when their loved one is in initial intensive stages of hospitalization. During this time, we refer families to peers who have experienced this type of trauma.

After release from rehabilitation, the Brain Injury Center provides a vital link for families and individuals discovering the services needed to live with this type of injury. We also provide support for families later in the process, when five or ten years out, they realize that their loved one is no longer in crisis and impairment will be a lifelong issue. Providing support and resources during these critical junctures is the foundation of the Brain Injury Center’s work."

I am blessed to have met such a wonderful group of Angels. Whenever I need words of advice or encouragement, Lee is always there. What a blessing! Our passion brought us together. I want to thank the Center and Lee for opening your doors and arms to me. God Bless you all!

For more information on the Brain Injury Center please visit

Below is the article I wrote for them. ******Click on the image to open it, maybe it need to be zoomed in a little.******

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  1. You are truly blessed Victor to have such a wonderful support group. Not many people out there care. Lee is one in a million who touches hearts, wish there were more Lee's in this world we live. If you find one to spare can you send him/her to NY?

  2. How fortunate you are to have found such a place as The Brain Injury Center and to benefit from its services. Thank you Lee Staniland for the invaluable services you provide tactically and emotionally. The one biggest thing a brain injury survivor beyond all the rehab is healing, nuturing support. Bless you and your staff.