Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Next Chapter: Traumatic Brain Injury Website with a Twist of Procrastination:

Good Monday to all.  Here I am again after a one and a half weeks of absence.  Good news right now is that my pain is under control.  I have had some great days with minimal pain.  Last week was very busy.  I focused in putting my efforts in finishing this website.  This website was in development for a few months.  It was my fault that it took that long.  My lack of focus and initiation are to blame for my delay.  Focus and initiation…. They constantly get in the way of me finishing or initiating things.  I can speak from my own perspective, I have become a procrastinator after the brain injury.  Before the injury I was always on point, always ahead of the game and always following thru on what I had to do.  Now it takes an act of God for me to initiate some tasks.  It is always the ones that come from me that get done faster.  If is somebody telling me what to do… well that takes longer, or just doesn’t get done.  Many time it seems like I don’t care about certain things, but that is far from reality.  It is like I need a jump start to accomplish some tasks.  Sometimes Roxana has to be reminding me about doing things, and she sometimes does it for months before it gets done.  Now, if I don’t do it, she doesn’t do it for me.  She waits for me to do it, and then she says something that makes me feel bad about the delay in my action.  I get upset, but not at her, I get upset at myself for not doing what I had to do.
I have talked to several brain injury survivors, and it seems like this is an area that affects all of us in different ways.  For me it has gotten better, but it is still an issue.  I now try to set up reminders, on my phone, my computer and alarms to remind me about accomplishing certain obligations.  It has helped. So I know it will get better.
So, here I present you the new website.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I knew it was going to be done sooner or later.  In this case it was more of “later”. And please feel free to send any feedback.  If you feel that I should change something, by all means let me know. Also, if you have any brain injury related announcement send it to me and I will post it on the “Announcements” page.
Remember, It will get better.
Blessing to all.


  1. Yea I am going through this with my husband today. He needs to replace some tiles that broke in the kitchen. He took up the tiles and stopped. He is now in the basement watching TV again. It has needed to be fixed for a long time but he has no motivation. The weekend is the only time to get it done and the day is flying by. I will just wait until he does it.

  2. Sounds just like us. I just wait for him to do and remidn him every 15 days until it gets done but I got tired of repeating everyday :)
    It is somewhat frustrating but patience is all we need!