Monday, October 11, 2010

Traumatic Brain Injury: How it affects the brain

Good Tuesday to all,

I hope everybody had a great weekend. Many of us look for explanations of how the brain is affected after a brain injury, and why we feel the way we do. I am not a doctor and have never pretended to be one, all I can talk about is what I feel, my symptoms, my experiences, and what I am doing to get better. I am a living witness and example that with proper rehabilitation a brain injury gets better. But the big question is: what really happens to the brain that causes the injury? I am presenting today a video from Brainline in which Dr. James Kelly explains what happens to the brain. He explains it in an understandable fashion. If you are watching and are a brain injury survivor, take breaks every minute or so and take notes, like I did. You don't want to miss out on this great explanation. It is detailed but yet simple. This video helped me answer some of the questions I had. Take advantage of it.
Dr. James Kelly is the Director of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, MD.
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  1. My husband and I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Kelly. He is not only a wise and intelligent man but his human side and quality just made us smile and have hope.
    Brain Injury behaves so different in each survivor but the key is to understand that this is something that affects the life of the patient as well as their loved ones. Once you understand that, then you can deal with the issues (what I call) in a customize way and holistically. I am a true believer of the important role we the caregivers have in the healing process. It is one that nobody desires or expect but once this role is given, should be fulfilled with love, compassion and strength. It is not an easy journey but YES YOU CAN DO IT :) and like my husband always say "It will all get better".