Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Change Begins? The New Military Perspective on Traumatic Brain Injury

Hi all. I know there have been quite a few weeks since I wrote in this blog. There have been several reasons as to why I have not written. I will share them with you in the upcoming posts. Today I wanted to share with you how the military is changing their views, treatment and prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries. As we know there are several thousands of Service Members and Veterans that have return from Operation Inraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with such injury. Their life has been altered as a result of the brain injury and the least we could do is treat the injury as what it is: an injury. Historically throughout different conflicts, the military have encountered issues with new unexpected injuries. The good thing is that also, historically the recognition of these unexpected injuries have been achieved. Injuries like Post Traumatic Stress and the neurological injuries from the Agent Orange in Vietnam have faced a battle for recognition and care. Same has happened with Traumatic Brain Injuries in recent conflicts.
As many of you know, I was a victim of these systematic issues that arise from these unexpected injuries. I will not deny that it caused pain, frustration, sadness, and a feeling of being left alone. Thanks to my support network and providers I was able to overcome these feelings and obstacles. As I see the bright future ahead, I encourage other Veterans to avoid taking this issue personal. Change will happen. Thankfully, medical professionals like Dr. James Kelly are leading this mindset makeover. And not only the efforts will make it better for us, but also they will make it better for all those following behind us. I wanted to share a video in which Dr. James Kelly, explains the efforts to change the culture and mindframe of the military in regards to Traumatic Brain Injuries.
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