Thursday, June 9, 2011

TBI Warrior Launches New Redesigned and Improved Webpage ~ During the past several months I gave some thought on how to improve the TBI Warrior webpage. On the new webpage you will find Forums. Users will be able to share, ask, answer, or just simply connect with others in the Traumatic Brain Injury community. I encourage survivors, caregivers and care providers to introduce themselves and network with others in the community.
You will also find a redesigned News tab. Here you will find the latest headlines Related to the care and treatment of TBIs.
Aside from the forums there is a "Share Your Story" area. Here, Survivors or Caregivers, Military or Civilians, can write and publish their own story.
The new page has a military look but is NOT limited to military and veterans. Bottom line, regardless of your mechanism of injury, a head injury is a head injury. We all have symptoms that manifest differently but they can be categorized within same categories. Military and civilians possess the power to support each other.
Feel free to stop by the webpage and submit any feedback to


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